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心声片语 - 《心声片语 》19·06

21/05/2019 13:50


来源/作者:【2019/05/20 符芳侨 Hu Pang Chaw FB




1. 关中当前的官方法定地位是什么

A. 独中 B. 私立中学

2. 关中当前的官方法定教学媒介语是

A. 中文 B. 马来文

3. 关中是否有列在教育法令规定的60所独中内

A. B. 没有

4. 关中生报考统考是否需要,教育部属下的考试局发文批准

A. 需要 B. 不需要



A. 需要 B. 不需要



A. 有权拒绝 B. 无权拒绝






来源/作者:【2019/05/18 Siti Kasim FB


—— Race-based affirmative action is failing poor Malaysians


I am shocked to see this video clip of you. You speak as if all of the non-bumis are rich therefore the quota must remain. You gave example the difference between public and private universities. You said the private universities are mostly filled with non-bumis because they are better off than the Malays. I can't believe this is coming out from our Education Minister!!!

It is not true all non-bumis are rich therefore the quotas must remain to enable the Bumis to compete on an equal footing. Not only you are insulting the many hard-working Malay parents who do not rely on government handouts but also to the Malays in general to compete on their own merit.

Figures provided by Parliament in 2015, showed that Bumiputera households make up the majority of the country's top 20 percent income earners (T20), but the community also sees the widest intra-group income disparity. According to data from a parliamentary written reply, the bumiputera make up 53.81 percent of the T20 category, followed by Chinese at 37.05 percent, Indians at 8.80 percent and others at 0.34 percent.

However, when the comparison is made within the bumiputera group itself, T20 earners only comprise 16.34 percent. The remaining comprises the middle 40 percent income earners (M40) at 38.96 percent and the bottom 40 percent income earners (B40) making up the majority at 44.7 percent. Why is this? You should look into this disparity instead of pointing fingers to other Malaysians who work hard to uplift themselves without any help from their own government.

This is in contrast with the Chinese and Indian communities, where the M40 group makes up the majority. Within the Chinese community, the T20 group makes up 29.66 percent, followed by the M40 group at 42.32 percent and B40 at 28.02 percent. As for the Indian community, the T40 group stands at 19.98 percent, followed by the M40 income earners at 41.31 percent and the B40 at 38.71 percent.

Why do the private universities are filled with non-bumis for a very simple reason because they can't afford to send their children to overseas universities. Most if not all of the scholarships are given to Bumis. They can't gain entry to public universities due to the quotas despite having better results than Bumis. Where do you expect them to go then Maszlee? I know of many non-bumis who are scraping their barrels to ensure they send their kids to further their studies either local or overseas. Many of them have less children because they know they will have to pay for their kid's education in the future.

I am one of the parent that send my daughter to study in the International local university. I have to borrow money to pay for my daughter's university fees. I am lucky I have a kind Chinese client who takes pity on me and gave me a loan without interest to pay for my daughter's education. This is because he thinks education is important. I struggled to ensure I keep up the payment and with God's will, I paid up the loan. I am sure many non-bumi parents do the same as me through their Chinese associations, banks, etc... because they cannot get any help from their own government.

In any event, I think my fellow non-Bumi Malaysians don't despair, Maszlee can stuff his matriculation quotas as doing STPM is equivalent to A-Level and more marketable to any local or overseas universities.

By the way your claim that the foreign university branches in Malaysia is filled up by non-bumis as somehow the reason Malays need more places in public universities via matriculation is a boldface lie. Monash was opened in KL in 1998 and Nottingham in 2000; matriculation as you said started in 1999. I cannot believe that you are the Minister of Education. Where did you learn to lie like this? Joseph Goebbels?

Schemes favouring Malays were once deemed essential to improve the lot of Malaysia’s least wealthy racial group; but as can be seen this scheme is to help the well-off within the Malay group, while failing the poor. Yet affirmative action persists because it is a reliable vote-winner for these politicians.

#bangkit Melayu



来源/作者:【2019/05/20 符芳侨 Hu Pang Chaw FB…/siti-kasim-race-based-…/1754423

《大马需要更多Siti Kasim !

Siti Kasim, 一位敢怒敢言,敢于说真话的女律师,放眼大马,还有谁可以与她相比的?



大马社会需要更多的Siti Kasim, 为社会不公现象、为政治领导人的失言,政府的不当措施,发言纠正,为无助的一群争权益。


来源/作者:【2019/05/19 张丹枫 FB